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Air Conditioning Service & Repair in Las Vegas

Back when all of Nevada was a part of the old west, Las Vegas and the area around it was considered an inhospitable wasteland. Like the rest of the West, our area stood as a dusty, yet hopeful land full of possibility and the harsh reality of what it’s like to live in nature. While the rest of the West has become much more civilized throughout the years, the only reason Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada has managed to rise in the ranks of tourist destinations and viable places to live is solely because of the invention of air conditioning. Without air conditioning the oppressive and incredible desert heat that we know this place so well for would be relentless and unforgiving. It would bake us in our homes, businesses, and our casinos. 

We can’t have that. Generations have fought to create our little desert oasis and we’re here to make sure it stays by providing reliable service for the one resource besides water we all really need: Air conditioning. We provide all of the services you need to keep your HVAC system and the air conditioning unit connected to it, happy and healthy for years to come so that you can stay comfortable and cool in even the worst weather the Nevada sun has to offer. You’ll be able to access repair, maintenance and installation for a replacement or brand new unit, all through Precision Air.


Repair is often a service that is done too late and is doing too little. By the time your air conditioner needs a repair, it’s likely been overworking itself for some time. Having regular, scheduled maintenance for the unit goes a long way in extending the longevity of your unit and prevents needless repairs that only provide a temporary fix to what is likely a permanent problem. 

Because ACs are so nuanced and full of different moving parts, neglecting any one part and allowing it to function outside the parameters of how it’s supposed to for too long could compromise the whole unit. Each moving part within the AC unit relies entirely on the other moving parts, so if one falls short, the whole system will wear unevenly. 


Good repair requires a quick diagnosis and a diagnosis of the damage a single part has done to the rest of the unit. With so much experience under our belt, we’re extremely comfortable finding and pin-pointing the cause of an issue within your unit. We’ll be able to discuss the type of maintenance schedule you should keep to ensure the unit is in running order afterwards. We’ll even discuss the price of the parts and how scarce the items are getting, while this is hardly an issue for newer units, it can become a reason to replace an AC as the unit ages and parts become more scarce.


Investing in good quality and frequent air conditioning maintenance ensures the longevity of your unit. It ensures that you’ll spend more cool, clear days in your home, rather than suffering the desert heat and investing in emergency fans to keep the air moving in your house. A dedicated maintenance routine will reduce the amount of repairs you need and extend the amount of time you can wait to replace your unit. Reach out to us today to schedule a maintenance appointment.


Whether you’re updating your old AC unit or investing in a brand new one, we’re excited for you. You’ll finally be able to access superior temperature control in your home in a way you’ve never been able to before. Newer units mean impressive innovation, finer working parts and, often, a more impressive longevity than prior units. Ready to start taking control of how you cool your home or business? Contact us today to discuss our premium installation services with guaranteed customer service satisfaction.


Here at Precision Air, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We know just how important temperature control really is in the unpredictable and often harsh weather in the Las Vegas area. That’s why we’re so dedicated to ensuring that you and your family are always comfortable wherever you are. We have more than 40 years of experience, and use our time spent in the industry to help offer you a frame of reference for every repair and maintenance task we do for you. We want you to know what’s going on, how much longer you’ll have left in your air conditioner, if we can extend its life span, or if you’re throwing money into a hole by repairing this one instead of simply getting a new installation. We always want to represent your options as honestly as possible so that you won’t need to worry about your temperature controls very often. 

With Precision Air, you can always rest assured, knowing that we’ll tell you nothing but the whole truth about your unit and the best course of action for your budget and your comfort.


We feel comfortable saying that everyone in the Las Vegas area needs a reliable air conditioning unit that can keep them safe from the oppressive heat of the area. If you don’t have one, or yours is broken down, don’t hesitate. Reach out to us today to start remedying the situation. We’re always here to provide fast and consistent customer service. You’ll be able to schedule a consultation and explore your options for repair and installation through our honest approach to your individual needs. Contact us today.


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