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Posted by Gina Swart

Precision Air & Electrical
Aug 11, 2022

How Important is Regular HV...

When it comes to caring for your home, preventative upkeep is almost always cheaper, faster, and easier to schedule than repairs. The same is true

A man repairs a temperature controller.
Apr 6, 2020

Dead Compressor—Does It Mea...

An air conditioning compressor failure happens for many reasons. Was it the fault of the homeowner? Is the system past the life of operational use?

An image of a measuring tool for an air conditioner in a man's hand.
Feb 3, 2020

HVAC Emergency: Identifying...

Your furnace can stop working at the worst possible time. Unfortunately, this usually happens on the coldest day of the year. While some furnace issues

A wifi thermostat from Nest.
Dec 1, 2019

Can A Wi-Fi Thermostat Save...

Wi-Fi control is now available for so many features of a home. People can control multiple aspects of their home through their iPhone helping them

Air conditioning installation demonstration.
Jul 19, 2017

How AC Maintenance Saves Yo...

Air conditioners in Las Vegas run longer and harder than almost anywhere else  in the country. It’s likely that you have your AC running right

A vector image of a house with a graph.
Jul 6, 2017

Energy Scams Everywhere!

  With all this talk on global warming, energy scams are a great way for some people to trick the general public. In the name

A wall unit air conditioning system.
Jul 3, 2017

Let Your Air Conditioning H...

  Limit Your Exposure to Asthma Causes If you have asthma, you know it’s often hard to avoid triggers like pollen, pet dander, and dust.

A cartoon of an HVAC technician.
Jun 24, 2017


    Your air conditioning system is a lot like your car, and has many moving parts.  It needs regular service just like your car. 

A programmable thermostat
Jun 17, 2017

Programmable Thermostats sa...

  Is it time to hop on the money saving ride, trying to squeeze every last dollar from your energy bills in Las Vegas, and

A comparison of dirty and clean HVAC ducts.
Jun 12, 2017

Dirty Ducts are Unhealthy

People are now aware that indoor pollution can affect their health as significantly as outdoor pollution. Precision Air technicians report a buildup of dust, pollen