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Dead Compressor—Does It Mean You Need a New AC?

April 6, 2020  |   by Admin

An air conditioning compressor failure happens for many reasons. Was it the fault of the homeowner? Is the system past the life of operational use? We can ask all types of questions to wonder what happened to the system. We will answer a lot of problems with the compressor on what happened below. Always think about contacting Precision Air when you have a problem with the air condition system.

Problems that Cause the Compressor to Fail

The usual lifespan of the air conditioning compressor is about 10 to 15 years. The system relies on the compressor to work efficiently to cool the house. You won’t get much enjoyment sitting in a warm house when temperatures reach normal season highs.

Yearly maintenance and AC repair are recommended by us to keep the system operating as it was built to do. There are things you can do to prevent it from happening again when we do have to come out to exchange a bad compressor.

§ Low refrigerant is a leading factor in compressor failure. A yearly maintenance checkup can prevent the system from operating on a low coolant level.
§ Electrical problems are another area of concern. The whole unit can suffer damage from a simple wire that was vibrated loose by the air conditioner operating. It can short out other electrical contacts and parts within the unit. Our technicians check everything when we do an annual inspection.
§ Dirty coils could have been the cause of compressor failure. The air conditioner unit has to work twice as hard to cool the air inside a home with filthy coils. They need to be cleaned each year by homeowners. We see a lot of this when we come out to do an AC repair call. Our technicians have to use a chemical cleaner on the coils to remove the accumulation.
§ Lubricant is important for the system’s major components to continue operating. Low oil or no oil can cause the compressor to seize up from heat buildup as it continuously operates. Mineral or synthetic oil is used in air conditioning compressors.

Take Care of The AC System

Yearly preventive checks are important for your air conditioning system to continue to operate efficiently. The cost of those maintenance checks is nothing compared to replacing a broken system with a new AC. We can help you avoid the chances of a breakdown by hiring us for maintenance service.

The compressor failure doesn’t mean that you will need to replace the system with a new AC. We will inspect the unit to find out what else might be wrong. The damage might not be that serious.

Call Us at Precision Air

Check the manufacturer’s warranty to be sure the system is still under it. The compressor might be covered for some replacement costs. Either way, our staff is highly trained to repair the problem for you. You can contact us by phone at (725) 238-2188 or contact us by filling out the form on our website.