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How Important is Regular HVAC Maintenance?

August 11, 2022  |   by Admin

When it comes to caring for your home, preventative upkeep is almost always cheaper, faster, and easier to schedule than repairs. The same is true for your home’s HVAC system.

In the past we’ve answered the common question “is HVAC maintenance important?” The short answer is, of course, “Yes, Regular HVAC Maintenance is Important!

Today, we’re going a step further and explaining WHY it’s so important to keep up on your regular HVAC maintenance. All of the following is especially true if you’re local here in the Las Vegas area. With the extreme Vegas weather, it’s important to make sure that your home’s heating and air conditioning systems are fully equipped for anything. Here are 3 big illustrators of just HOW important HVAC maintenance is.


Here in Las Vegas, an air conditioner is necessary to keep our homes livable in the summer. On the same note, home heating is required to stay warm and safe in winter weather. HVAC systems do more than just keep us comfortable. In extreme weather, they also keep us safe.

Your cooling and heating system runs almost all year round, and it has a lot of parts that keep it functioning properly. Just like you take your car to a mechanic for routine service, you also need to have your air conditioner serviced regularly to keep it running well! The last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down, leaving you stuck in 100+ degree weather while you wait for an HVAC technician.



Is your home’s HVAC system less than ten years old? If so, then it could still be under warranty. That’s good news for you because it means that with most common repairs and parts replacements, the parts cost won’t have to be paid for out of your pocket. Being under warranty is a GREAT thing, but there are a few other stipulations aside from system age that determine whether you’re still eligible.

Commonly these warranty stipulations include things like:

  • The system receives biannual maintenance
  • The system is operated properly
  • The system was registered within 90 days of installation
  • The filters are replaced according to replacement schedule

If your system is still under warranty, Precision Air is here to help keep it that way! We offer preventative maintenance packages for residential homes, multi-family homes, and commercial buildings. We’re here to help you keep your system performing at its best, and to save you money on repairs.

Learn more about some of the most common manufacturers and air conditioner warranties that Precision Air works with.


The longer your HVAC system goes without being maintained, the worse its efficiency and lifespan get. This is true even if you aren’t using your home’s heating and cooling around the clock. Over time, dust, rust, and debris still accumulate — even if your system isn’t running. When you DO finally turn your air conditioner or heater on, the system has to function with several months’ worth of dust. This in turn leads to damage to your system (and higher utility bills!)

On top of saving you money on monthly utilities, regular maintenance can save you money on repairs, too. When an HVAC technician finds and repairs small issues, they can take proactive changes.  This will prevent any major repairs down the line.

Finally, neglect can lead to you needing to replace your HVAC system much earlier than expected if your system burns itself out early. A full HVAC replacement can cost thousands of dollars, meaning that twice-annual maintenance appointments save you plenty of money in the long run!


Looking for commercial HVAC services? Precision Air is here! We’re the go-to HVAC team for home and business owners alike in the Las Vegas and Henderson Area. Give us a call or use our website to schedule an appointment for installation.