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Focus On Your Air Quality

Las Vegas is a towering monument to just what America is capable of, but it also doesn’t smell the best. Any local has taken a trip into town, whether it’s the strip or Glitter Gulch, and received a nose full of stale tobacco, old air and the light smell of liquor. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the surrounding neighborhoods are a little more concerned with their olfactory effects on the average visitor. If you think about stale air and air quality at all, it might be time to invest in some proper air quality improvements.




Why Choose Precision Air In Henderson?

  • We provide a selection of different air quality improvement devices.
  • We’ll handle the installation of your air purifier and more
  • We can offer exceptional whole house air cleaners as well
  • Offers premium installation directly into your HVAC system
  • Features the hottest products that are backed by data


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Here at Precision Air, we believe in premium products that last a long time and do the job better than anything else can. That’s why we’ve taken pains to find you the very best air quality improvement products on the market. You’ll be able to enjoy bacteria-killing lights and filters that are strong enough to pull the harmful particles right out of your air.

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    If you didn’t know, we’ve been around the Enterprise area for 40 years offering temperature control of the finest quality to all of the residents nearby. We may specialize in keeping commercial properties, like those oasis casinos nice and cool, but we can apply our expertise in any area where it’s needed. We offer our premium commercial-grade services to residents and small business owners alike in the area. We know just how much temperature control matters here in the desert and that’s why we’re always here to accommodate.

    If you’re in need of some premium repair and maintenance service for your HVAC, we’ve got you covered.