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Here at Precision Air, we know that air conditioners are important, but not as important as a good, reliable heating unit. You need your heater to be efficient, powerful and reliable throughout the entire desert winter so that you and your family can stay cozy and happy indoors, even if there’s no promise of a white Christmas. That’s why we provide premium, reliable heating system maintenance, installation and repair services throughout the Las Vegas area and beyond. We have a team of highly skilled HVAC professionals who can easily handle any issue with any unit currently in production. Years of experience and high-quality training have equipped them to take on any challenge with grace so that you can stay warm and cozy.

Every Heater Everyday


The houses in Las Vegas span a wide variety of years and levels of contemporary appliances. Some might have state-of-the-art heating while others are still using the HVAC unit they used back in the 70s. Regardless of the time period your heater is from and your HVAC is from, we can help you repair, install and maintain your system so you never have to worry about living in a cold house for weeks on end. We can help with furnace issues, boiler issues, heat pumps and even geothermal heaters, too. We’re fully equipped to tackle every type of HVAC problem should you run across one.

Depending on the age of your heater, the age of your HVAC system and the state of disrepair it’s currently in, we’ll be able to help you explore all of the options you have available. Sometimes it’s as simple as establishing a better maintenance schedule, other times you’ll need minor repairs, but sometimes, you’re better off getting a new replacement and installation package.



Heating repair is no small task. Diagnosing the issue, finding the problem and then making the repair judgement call is never easy. If you’re still using an older unit, your technician will discuss with you whether it’s not better to simply replace the entire unit and start fresh. As units age, obviously, parts get harder and harder to come by. What could have been a minor repair when you first bought the unit might become more expensive as time goes on and the supplies available to fix that particular unit go out of production and diminish in the marketplace.

Together, we can discuss how long this repair should last, the cost of the repair and whether it’s a cost-effective solution to your heating issues. We’re always here to grant advice and help you find the best possible solution for your HVAC system.



Keeping up with the maintenance on your unit is the easiest way to increase the longevity of your system and reduce repairs and long-term costs. The better you are at establishing a decent maintenance schedule for your heater, the better you’ll feel. A well-maintained heater has a much lower chance of going out without notice, and is less likely to cause any potential damage to any other parts of your HVAC system. We recommend getting your heater checked around once a year for a regular tune-up. It helps to make sure that everything is in working order and that your temperature and other settings are still calibrated correctly, eliminating any potential for user-error down the road.



We know better than anyone that sometimes it’s just best to cut your losses and start fresh. Once a unit gets too old and tired, it’s better to simply get a brand new one. Rather than pay for multiple repair appointments, more frequent maintenance visits and more expensive replacement parts, just invest in a new installation. Here at Precision Air, we have a large selection of potential upgrade units that make it easy to find the right heater for your home’s needs and your budget.


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Worried about your heater? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always available for even just phone consultations. We can discuss the issue, explore the problems you’ve been having and schedule a convenient time to come over and check out the unit. We can provide a series of options that work with your budget and your needs to ensure that your home feels warm and safe for when the winter season rolls around.

Have questions or are not sure about what’s wrong with your heater? Reach out to us today to learn more.