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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

COVID-19 Has Been Ravaging The Global Community For Far Too Long

Coronavirus has suddenly made everyone much more aware of what’s floating in the air. Sure cold and flu season may make you a little more tentative about sharing office space with your coworkers, but the pandemic of 2020 has put a much finer point on the matter. The truth is, what’s in our air and what enters our body through inhalation can gravely injure all of us. That’s why so many people are taking their air quality into account in a way they never have before.

Here at Precision Air in Las Vegas, we know just how important it is to keep your indoor air quality safe and clean at all times. That’s why we offer a wide selection of premium services that are crafted to address your indoor air quality and just how many germs and contaminants are moving through the ductwork of your house.

The IQAir Perfect Air 16

With the air in our homes being more important than ever to keep clean, a specific filter has managed to set itself apart from the competition. Although the installation method is time intensive, it is, by far, the most impressive air filter that you can equip your home central air system with. The range of particles that it can stop is the widest from any of it’s competition as it addresses contaminants that most filters don’t even think to stop. Ultra fine particles won’t stand a chance of getting through the superior weave of the Perfect Air 16. Ultra fine particles are smaller than 0.1 microns, but they make up the majority of the airborne particles circulating around in indoor air at any time. They originate from things like vehicle combustion, factory emissions, cooking, and other daily activities.

However, the Perfect 16 is crafted with IQAir’s unique and ultra powerful HyperHEPA filtration system that is certified to filter particles that are as small as 0-.003 microns, or the smallest particles that exist. In fact, that’s how the Perfect 16 can promise and deliver on a guarantee of 95% of airborne particles being removed by their filters. That includes ultra fine particles as well as pollen, mold, dust, and airborne viruses. This superior quality is what earned the Perfect 16 a MERV 16 rating. This is the highest possible rating based on rigorous testing from Intertek and ETL SEMKO, who are known as the industry standard for rating filtration products.

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Major Perks of the IQAir Perfect 16:

  • Guaranteed 10 times cleaner air within one hour of running your system.
  • 95% reduction of airborne molecules throughout the entire indoor area.
  • Provides 170sqft of filtration for your HVAC.
  • Delivers 50 times more filtration than the ordinary HVAC filter.
  • Does not include electrical components, thus it is completely silent.


Unfortunately, even the strongest filtration system on the market might not be enough to kill and control more aggressive particles in the air, like COVID-19. That’s where the next step in true air filtration for your HVAC comes in: the APCO-X. It’s certainly one of the most advanced and innovative indoor air treatment systems on the market due to its unorthodox methods. It uses a UV-C light coil to create blue light that is capable of disinfecting the air as it passes through. This allows the filter to kill any viruses that might make it through the particle barrier on your filters. It’s an exceptional piece of modern technology, as it’s 33% more effective than other previous models of the same invention and provides a selection of other perks that make it the first name in disinfecting and purifying air.

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APCO-X Main Features:

  • Provides status updates on the health of the LED and any faults in the lamp’s functionality.
  • Easy to install with versatile options.
  • Uses the new and trademarks EverCarbon cells with advanced antimicrobial nanotechnology.
  • UV-C lamp lasts for three years.
  • Ozone free
  • Safely reduces and eliminates biological contaminants.

Why Air Quality Matters More Than Ever

It’s no secret that HVACs have always been the cause of some trouble with indoor air quality. While they keep air moving and improve the quality in that sense, they can also carry germs, VOCs, dust, allergens and lots of other particles that irritate the noses and lungs of those who inhabit the building or spend any long period of time in the buildings.

However, because of COVID-19, a more critical eye is being cast on the indoor air quality that most HVACs maintain. Unfortunately, studies have found that HVACs can actually contribute to the spread of the virus. This is especially true if you don’t have an air filtration method of some kind already installed in your HVAC, let alone a very good one. And as we mentioned above, you’ll need quite the arsenal to keep germs spreading throughout your house or your place of business.

Don’t give COVID-19 another avenue to attack you, your family, and your friends from. Get your indoor air quality under control so that if the time comes when you have to quarantine, you won’t be endangering everyone in the house. Instead, you’ll have the power to isolate the virus and protect those you love and value better than ever before.

Reach out to Precision Air today to schedule an initial consultation to get your HVAC and indoor air quality up to the new standards.